Checking Out Your Gateway M Finding your specifications For more information about your convertible tablet PC, such as memory size, memory type, and hard drive size, visit Gateway’s eSupport page at support. In addition, several books and Internet sites are dedicated to networking for example: If the module does not fit, make sure that the notch in the module lines up with the tab in the memory bay. For more information, see “Changing display orientation” on page Use only memory modules designed for the Gateway M for upgrading your memory. Slide and hold the Power switch for about a second to resume operations, and charge the battery.

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Restoring Software 10 11 Select 2. Move the pointer on the screen. This action is called right-clicking.

OA8BCMMP Tablet Computer User Manual Using Your Gateway M Notebook Quanta Computer Inc

Networking Your Gateway M Using a wireless Ethernet network A wireless Ethernet network gsteway ideal for creating a home or office network or adding mobility to an existing wired Ethernet network. Headphone jack Plug amplified speakers or headphones into this jack.

If applicable, follow the instructions provided on the Web site to run or install the program. Arrow keys Press these keys to move the cursor up, down, right, or left.

gateway m275 audio

OA8BCM94309MP Tablet Computer User Manual Using Your Gateway M275 Notebook Quanta Computer Inc

For more gateway m275 audio, see “Turning your wireless Ethernet emitter on or off” on page The LiveUpdate wizard opens. The Control Panel 2m75 opens. If you are using a service other than America Online, check with your ISP for the correct procedure for disconnecting.


Whoever sits next to you or behind you can see your convertible tablet PC display. The problem may be with just one program. The Device Manager window opens.

Follow any on-screen instructions, if necessary. Depending on the device driver you gateway m275 audio updating, you may only need to restart your convertible tablet PC to complete the installation.

Gateway M275 Free Driver Download (Official)

To browse for a file: Visit manufacturer site for details. The server cannot be accessed Mondays from 8: To check the dialing properties: Hateway Disk Defragmenter to consolidate files gateway m275 audio folders on the hard drive. Left gateway m275 audio Right touchpad button button Rocker switch Touchpad When you move your finger on thetouchpad, th epointer arrow on thescreen moves in the same direction.

Move an object on the screen. Press a second time to decrease gateway m275 audio brightness below the normal dimmest setting. Safety, Regulatory, and Legal Information Unintentional emitter per ICES This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class B limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus as set out in the radio interference regulations of Industry Canada.

This equipment complies with Industry Canada radio frequency electromagnetic signal RF exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled gateway m275 audio of a portable transmitting device Operation of this device is subject to gateway m275 audio following two conditions: Your fax cover sheets and fax headers contain this information, some of which is required by law.


The Scroll Lock status indicator appears when this function is turned on.


Click the first gateway m275 audio in the list, press and hold down the Shift key, then click the last item in the list. The entire process will tateway several hours. If your new hard drive already includes the hard drive kit bracket, go to Step The power output of the wireless device or devices that may be embedded in your notebook is well below the RF exposure limits as gateway m275 audio at this time.

Troubleshooting To make sure that the printer gateway m275 audio not set to work offline: You can narrow your search by selecting the search options that you want.

The system shares first place with the Fujitsu LifeBook T tablet, which actually has a slower processor.