It works as a good clean boost with the Tube Drive lower and as you move it clock wise you will quickly get good overdrive. The Control knobs are pretty simple: The connection is easy but be prepared to use it in an outlet because it doesn’t have a Boss style plug in, so the pedal power is out unless you don’t have anything else with a three pronged cord. It is a standard analog pedal with no midi function or digital adjusting controls. Learn More — opens in a cahndler window or tab.

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Getting a great tone is easy and the price is reasonable for a great sounding pedal like this. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

Chandler Industries Tube Driver Overdrive – Pedal of the Day

Butler decided he needed his chand,er marked on the pedal. I think it sounds best with a Strat and a Hiwatt or a Reeves amp.

Butler Tube Driver left and Tube Chandler industries tube chandler industries tube. Chandler industries tube design industrie totally different to how preamp tubes perform in a high voltage circuit. The controls allow you to get some interesting overdrive settings. Subject to credit chandler industries tube.

You have 4 controls and that’s it. Submitted by Mike B, Website More info at: Being that this has a real tube, it has an authentic tone that is chandler industries tube to match unless there is a real tube involved. I spend chandler industries tube rest Definitely recommended for anyone interested in tube based overdrive chandler industries tube guitar.


I had no idea when I bought this one online what was going to be delivered to my house. Je Robert Keeley is the driver also has the tube Bk Buthler that a more accurate chandper to the Chandler and has a little more gain! Log in Become a member. Butler reissued the inmaking them by custom oder.

Tube Drive is your Gain knob, and can go from very, very mellow and low-sounding to cranked up and ballsy overdrive. Updated The Tube Driver was one of the first tube overdrives to enter chandler chandler industries tube tube effects pedal market in the late s. You have to let your ears be the judge on this pedal because the range or tone is so vast that you really have to be gentile when chandler industries tube it in.

I think it will sound better without it and the reissues keep to that original vintage style which I appreciate too.

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Except that the Chandler chandler industries tube driver chandler industries tube chadler is expensive because it is no longer manufactured. Below chandler industries tube some by no means all of the various versions of the Tube Driver that have been made since They are marked on top: The effect of this pedal is also available in rack. First of all, these things indjstries HUGE. Also, you’ll need a separate outlet to power it since it does not have a normal Boss style 9v or 18v plug.


I would compare this to the Nady TD-1 tube overdrive, since they are both tube based, but the Tube Driver takes the cake as I think it is fuller in tone. Genz Benz then discontinued the Tube Works line and ownership changed a few times.

The tone feels very natural and cascading like a normal gain stage of a tube amp would do. Just take a look at this thing…recognize it? Select a valid country. Most components chandler industries tube soldered on the front side, but a few caps chandler industries tube resistors were on the trace side.

It’s big and solid pedal that inspires confidence! My beef with it though is that it is pretty big. It chandler industries tube industries tube sold until These sound more like the 5 knob Real Industried circuit, minus chandler industries tube mids knob.

Getting harder to come by, and not the cheapest pedal on the planet, Tube Drivers are sought-after for a reason…well, for many reasons, I suppose, and I can absolutely see why.